Business 2 Customers

"MyPropStore" is a budding start-up in the real estate sector. But that is not where we draw the line. We believe that our responsibility as a trusted brand has to extend to all areas of residential service as well. We provide quality services to our customers on a daily hiring basis. Any service that you may require, we have well trained and experienced personnel to sort it out for you in a professional manner. Our reputation for quality precedes us and you can count on us to provide the best experience possible, given any service opportunity.

Business 2 Business

We help businesses channel their energy in what they do best. For others, you have us. Our professionals offer expert assistance in every aspect of construction and maintenance. We are flexible to work with any real estate promoters, on any requirement they deem important. You can expect our due diligence in any aspect of your project you entrust to us. Try us to get pleasantly surprised.